Another knit Falling leaves scarf !

I love this technique of working two rows in the same direction! Here are some pics of my latest Falling Leaves Shawlette. Yes it is red and green – a bit cliche – but it works for me! This yarn is wonderful to work with and though it is difficult … Continue reading

If you love fiber and fiber animals, Shepherd’s Harvest is the place to be.

I’ve got the van loaded up and ready to drive the the Washington County Fairgrounds to set up my booth for Shepherd’s Harvest. I’ll be vending my hand knitting patterns: Here is a photo of Hannah wearing the “Wrapped in Camel” shawl. This pattern is hot of the press and … Continue reading

Have you ever wondered how to make a tassel?

I knit a rectangular shaped shawl that screamed for tassels – I made 4 tassels and attached them to the corners of the shawl. I uploaded a video of how to make these tassels on YouTube. It’s a bit long (7:37 minutes) but does show a very good way to … Continue reading

Shepherd’s Harvest is just around the corner!

I have been having fun with a new knitting pattern I’m developing. I’m not going to say that I’m the only one who has thought of it, but I haven’t seen it before. The concept is very simple: using two different colors of yarn, knit one row on a circular … Continue reading

Fun with Fair Isle Color Knitting

I have a great collection of mitten and sock pattern books that I love to page through and look at the designs. Sometimes I crave a small knitting project in color work but I don’t want to spend the time it takes to knit a pair of mittens or socks. … Continue reading

Where does the time go! and I need a name for my shawl!

After much consideration and reading lots of replies. . . I’ve decided it to call it. . . Hannah’s Lace Shawl It has already been a week since Yarnover, and Hop, Stitch, and Jump! I planned on blogging right away about the fabulous time I had and the new friends … Continue reading

Look what I found in my closet!

I was rooting around in my yarn boxes the other day and found this sweater that I knit TEN years ago! The poor thing needed one sleeve sewn in and the collar knit. Lucikly there was a partial skein of each of the yarns left in the box with the … Continue reading