Recognition at Patternfish!

Editor’s Choice!

This January the editor of Patternfish newsletter became intrigued with a new technique I’m developing – a new way of putting knit and purl rows together. I’ve written three patterns using this technique and she featured them in the newsletter.

Take a look! (Scroll down the newsletter a bit to find me)

Gayle found my knitted brass piece on my blog and included that in the bottom of the newsletter too.

I love days like this!


The most current pattern I’ve written using this technique is called Anna Dorothy – in honor of my maternal grandmother.

I adored my Grandma, Dorothy, and after she died we found her birth certificate: she was christened Anna Dorothy. Knowing this makes me miss her more.

This shawl is for you Grandma!

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  1. It looks really great! And congrats on the recognition.

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