Knitting enthusiasm still strong

It has been ages since I’ve blogged. . . okay, only about 18 months. ..but that is ages in “online” time.
I’ve been busy knitting – – – AND – – – learning how to play Cajun accordion. Learning to play the accordion is cutting into my knitting time, but I’m sure I’m building new neuropathways in my brain. The in and out of the bellows while at the same time playing a tune on the buttons is a lot like rubbing your tummy and patting the top of your head. It is also reawakening my knitting creativity! (I’ve started a new shawl that I will tell you about soon)
Recently a friend sent me a link to an article about a knitting group started in prison. An inspiring read. Here is the link:
Reading this made me want to knit with friends again. . .
Happy knitting!

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