I’ve finally warmed up!

Yes it has been cold here. . . last night 15 degrees below 0. . .and I just finally warmed up. (meaning, I’ve been too cold to blog). Believe it or not

Though cold and chilly with numb fingers, I have been busy knitting. . . I started a bohus sweater. I got THE book on Bohus knitting, “Poetry in Stitches” and decided I HAD to start a sweater. Only one slight problem. Yarn. I actually had 15 oz of Fairy Hare fiber (called for in many of the patterns) but not enough of one color for the body&sleeves. Being the compulsive person that I am, I decided to forge ahead and just fill in the colors on the body and sleeves as I used up the yarn. The top part looks pretty good. But keep in mind I only have about 3 more oz of the burgundy color and will then have to switch to one of the other colors you see here. I decided to go for “blocks” of color and not “stripes”. bohusbeginning.jpg

I also started a freeform knitting project. My friend Ellen, went to Beijing and brought back some yarn for me. It is a mutlticolored earth tone yarn. . . .but don’t know what it is. I gave it the old test of fire. . . and it, smouldered, melted and burned. Seems to me like it may be a blend of poly/wool/and?? It flamed, smelled like burnt hair and part of it squiggled and danced like melting plastic. I can’t even guess at the fiber content from the label because it is in Chinese characters. Anyway, I found some complimentary colors and started knitting. I haven’t done one like this before. . . I am knitting on the piece itself as I change directions. (I usually knit pieces and them sew them together)Here is an almost finished back.freeformback.jpg

And I have been knitting a pair of socks. I don’t necessarily liked striped socks, so when this yarn was on sale I bought it but decided I would try to knit wavy stripes. Ah ah, feather and fan results in waves, add a few cables and here you have it.ffsocktop.jpg

It’s a bit difficult to see the Feather and fan pattern but I am getting a nice scallop. Of course I didn’t swatch and this sock will fit Ellen. (it is small and she wears a size 6 shoe) and for me ( a size eight) I will have to add about 12 stitches. And I already know where I will add them. . . hee hee. Now I’m anxious to finish these so I can start the pair for myself. Since I started knitting socks, and wearing them, I only want to wear hand knit socks. mmm mmm good. got to get knitting. . .

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