New Infinity Scarf design

picofyarnI’ve finally figured out what to do with this beautiful Rovings, polwarth/silk blend yarn that I’ve had in my stash for years! I love this yarn but just couldn’t come up with a garment I thought would work that I would actually wear for this yarn.

I thought about a pull over – but being a woman of a certain age, I am much more attracted to cardigans.

I thought about a small tank to wear as long underwear. This idea came very close to being the chosen garment, but the yarn is so pretty and I couldn’t see hiding it.

To my taste, it is too flowing and drapey for a vest.

A shawl would have been a very nice garment for this yarn. . .but I just wasn’t satisfied. My last 3 projects have been shawls and I’m ready for something new.

Then I became of a Knit-along sponsored by Twitch and Stitch Podcast titled: CanadaKal.

Now I had a bee in my bonnet get something knit out of this year which I purchased from a Canadian Shepherd!

I’ve always loved infinity scarves because of their wrappability (is that a word) and because when they are not wrapped they are a nice visual accessory. So I decided on an Infinity scarf.

I love traveling stitches, also known as 2 stitch cable work. So I decided to knit this in the round the long way. The texture cable pattern runs horizontally across the scarf instead of the long vertical way. I am so pleased with this! For me it is an easy knit, and I was so ready to just go round and round!

23 inches

Stay tuned for the pattern. I need to finish it by Sept 30 to enter it in the KAL. So look for the pattern shortly after that!

Happy knitting everyone.


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