Fun with freeform knit and crochet

I was inspired by these fingerless gloves (scroll down her blog to find them) and just had to try my hand at it. Next I’ll try working some up in one color.


back to more knitting!!

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4 Responses to Fun with freeform knit and crochet

  1. Jane Prater says:

    Superb. I am inspired. thanks for sharing

  2. Shawn says:

    Thanx Lisa, glad you like them. These are also a bit big. They aren’t quite as elastic as knit (& ribbed) mitts. When I was done working them up, I soaked them, rinsed them and then let them dry on a pair of acrylic hands for blocking. The mitts were very bumpy and distorted before blocking, so I was relieved at the final project. Shawn

  3. Lisa says:

    Hmm, I thought I left a message last night, but it was very late, and I probably forgot to hit “submit.”
    Anyway, I’m so pleased to be linked to your blog! And it’s very exciting to know that my mitts inspired your mitts. Seeing yours, I really want to make some more using multiple yarns, so we have inspired each other. It looks like your mitts fit very well; mine are a bit large, so maybe the next pair will fit better.
    Beautiful job!

  4. Lisa says:

    Hey! Cool! I saw these on Ravelry this morning, and now I see that you’ve referenced my mitts–thanks! Funny thing is, you say you’re going to try them in a single color next. When I saw yours, I wanted to try them in many colors! So now we’ve inspired each other……….

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