Red wing freeform blanket

What does one do with a sweater that you just don’t have enough yarn for!?!?

About 10 years ago someone gave me a half knit sweater. . . which I frogged and then reknit into a raglan cardigan. . . however, I was about 2 inches short of one sleeve top. Oh what to do?? I just loved the look of the natural colored bulky wool and the way it fit together and couldn’t bring myself to add different color rib or stripes or any of that fun stuff that would have “stretched” my yarn. So, the easy solution was to put it in the closet.

This sweater followed me as I moved 3 times, entered and left significant relationships, and became a better knitter. . . then. . . I found it again.

I also realized I had some great one ply bulky that matched the weight of the sweater. Great colors and fast to knit wool from South Dakota Natural Color Wool. I turned the sweater into a blanket. . .

Here are photos of the result

You can also see on the left hand side, which sleeve came up short of yarn.

If you would like to see this blanket in person come and see me at The Creative Drive Art Show. I will be at John Onkka’s place.

Happy Spring!!


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  1. Wow! That is amazing and really beautiful.

  2. Yarnartist says:

    What a creative concept! Good luck in the show.

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