Oh my achin’ thumb!

I haven’t been able to hand knit or crochet for almost a month.

I am about to lose my mind.

It’s amazing how clean my house has become since knitting hasn’t been distracting me.

I was part of Ravelympics on Ravelry and thought I could finish a freeform knit/crochet sweater in 2 weeks. Silly me! The sweater isn’t finished.

I fell in love with these little bobbles and crocheted circles. . . then spent 4 hours crocheting. My first mistake! I have knit for 4 hours with no physical repercussions other than a bit of a stiff neck (and numb bum). But my poor little thumbs and fingers aren’t used to such small crochet movements. After this round of crochet I woke up unable to stretch out my left thumb or turn my wrist.

Okay, fine I thought. I can still knit. Ignoring the twinging, I to knit for about 1 hour. Not a good idea.

I pulled out the ice and ace bandage and ibuprophen. I was very good for two days; no hand work.

Then I went to an outdoor music festival and played fiddle for 2 days in the cool weather. Also not a good idea! More ice, bandaging and drugs!

Finally, today, my thumb and wrist don’t hurt. . . but I’ve got a good idea! I’m still going to hold off on the hand work for another day. (even though things don’t hurt today, they are still a bit stiff).

Maybe I’ve finally learned to listen to my body! (after 49 years, its about time!)

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