Knitting Mittens!

My friend Ellen needed a new pair of mittens. . . really, I do too. . . but these fit her better than me.

I used my Garter Stitch Mitten pattern and knit these up in a few short hours.

The yarn is from Dream In Color in color Strange Harvest. I purchased the yarn a few weeks ago at Needleworks Unlimited in South Minneapolis. I might add it was a harrowing experience. . . not in the yarn store, that was heavenly, walking around looking at, feeling, and smelling yarn. . . but when I left.

I drive a big old van that has absolutely traction. Also, I’ve taken the seats out to give me room for hauling  stuff, which makes the van weight lighter than normal. Can you tell where this is going? I got stuck. It was a warmer day. . . about 10 degress F. . . and there were “lovely” ruts on the parking side of the road. I could not move. I tried rocking back and forth and still I had no forward momentum. The tires spun and spun. They finally hit pavement, but that only meant the tires were buried in 6 inches of muck and ice. I was late for a lunch date and not sure what to do. Luckily, two painters came out of a near by restaurant, (I could tell they were painters by their clothes). Aha, strong men.

They were kind enough to give me a push, but they got a snowy, mushy, shower. Many many thanks to them for their good deed for the day!

Anyway, here is a picture of Ellen in her mitts. . . and an appropriate pose for these mitts!

Where was this shovel when I needed it!

Where was this shovel when I needed it!

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