Charlotte’s Tam

I’m so excited about this pattern!!
I have knit two of these tams now and I must say they are quite fun and the pattern is easy to memorize.

charlottes_tam01Start knitting in the round at the top and increase out to the brim. . . the top is 8 pattern repeats of small two stitch cables and twisted stitches.

The brim is ribbed and then finished with an I-cord. The diameter of the top is 11.5″ and the brim is 18″ around, unstreteched.


At the very edge of the top – I never realized how hard it is to photograph patterns in white – is a diamond pattern that weaves in the middle.


I knit this tam in yarn from Gale Woods Farm on size 6 needles. I used about 225 yards of a dk weight yarn. The crispier the yarn the better.

I knit another one in 136 Merino Superwash from Mission Falls, 100% Merino. That one turned out great too! The softness of the merino make that tam floppier resulting in a different style hat. . .just as cute!

The pattern is getting edited right now. . . and as soon as it it done you’ll be able to find it on Ravelry and Etsy. I plan on knitting another one in worsted weight yarn, just to see what happens.

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