New knitting pattern available & a new love!

Charlotte’s Tam pattern is now available on my etsy site! I’ve made three of them now and they work up so nicely!

The one shown on the pattern is knit  in Gale Woods Farm’s sock yarn and it was perfect. I knit another one using two skeins of  Mission Falls 136 Merino and that turned out very nice as well. 136 Merino is sooo soft and fun to work with.

I tried one in a worsted weight to see what would happen. . .it is a bit big! The diameter across the top is 13″. . . looks a bit funny on my head!

twined knit mittenI’ve found a new love!!! Twined Knitting.

While at the library at the Minnesota Textile Center I found a book  “Twined Knitting, a Swedish Folkcraft Technique”. The book is full of great pictures, mitten, glove and hat patterns and history. I became so entrigued I started a project right away. I have some New Zealand wool I picked up at a sale somewhere and it is perfect for twined knitting.

This must be the definitive book on Twined knitting since I’ve been searching on line for one and the cheapest one I’ve found is 86$. . ouch. . .too much or my book budget, but I’m keeping it on my wish list.

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