More Twined Knitting with beads!

Finally some good photos of the twined mittens I knit.

These were knit in Gems Merino sport weight and I used 5 different kinds of beads for the design.

The beads in the cuff were knit in. . . the beads on the back of the hand were crocheted on.

Karen's Mittens

Twined knit and beaded mittens

Twined knit mittens

Karen's Twined knit mitens

here you can see them with the coat they were meant to match! I thinnk they match perfectly!

Hand knit twined mittens

Twined knitting mittens

I am so enamored with this twined knitting thing. . .wait till you see the neck cowls I’ve been twining!

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  1. Your twined, beaded mittens are way cool! They are very cleverly designed and do go perfectly with your coat. I’m just about to start my first twined knitting project (“Basic Twined Hat” pattern by Lisa Ellis Designs) and you are a true inspiration.

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