Knitting weather

Finally it is the right temperature for knitting!

Last Sunday is was 86 degrees. Whew. So, I took my knitting to the mall for the afternoon. It was Knit Out day at Brookdale Mall. A handful of vendors set their tables up in the middle of the mall, encircling a mangle of metal chairs. While sitting and knitting I felt like I was in the middle of a wagon train that had set up for the night. I was safe and sound from all those other crazy shoppers who weren’t there to knit. I spent three hours knitting and chatting a bit, and being entertained.

Every half hour something happened on the stage; a fashion show, drawings (for very nice door prizes!!), and speed knitting contests.

The fashion show was truly amazing. There are some great knitters in this town! Every thing from elaborate jackets, sweaters and hats to beautiful lace. However, I couldn’t take my eyes off of what Steven, from the Yarn Garage, was wearing. It was a very cool pullover. It was knit vertically from side to side. Striped by different fibers and audio cassette tape rows too! The combination of fibers, tape and leather made for a really swell sweater. I felt inspired by Steven’s sweater and all of the fashion show items. In my opinion the items boasted better knitting and more interesting techniques than the items in the fashion show at the Mall of America sponsored by Lion Brand yarn last year.

After the first drawing, I hurried to add my name to the basket! They were giving away YARN, mind you 10 balls of scrumptious yarn. It was 4 days ago and my memory is getting worse and worse, so I don’t remember what kind of yarn. But I do remember that I wanted it! They were also giving away pattern books. Darn, I didn’t win a thing. Of course the longer the day went on the more people added their names.

As to the speed contests. . . very impressive. The winner of the stockinette speed contest knit 94 stitches in 3 minutes. Zowza! The winner of the garter stitch contest knit a number of stitches somewhere in the 80s. It was fun to watch and I had the urge to stand up and cheer them on, but didn’t want to seem undignified so I stayed in my seat.

All and all it was a fun afternoon. I got 3 inches of knitting done on the sleeve of my new sweater, you know, the one I’m actually knitting for myself. And I was in a place cool enough to actually knit.

I’ve got company for the weekend so its off to the vacuuming and dusting for me.

Happy Knitting!


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