Felted hats ready for needlefelt decorations!

Hi everyone,

I finally did it! I set up a store on Etsy to sell my felted hats.

For the past 3 years I have been holding needlefelting workshops, well I call them parties, to which I bring felted hats and scarves plus all the supplies needed for needlefelting. When I first started doing these parties very few people knew what needlefelting was, but it is becoming more and more popular. To see some of the hats I have decorated with needlefelting see my other post under needlefelting.

Now, my felted hats are available to you on line. So far I have only put up one color. (My goal is to get a different color felted hat that is in stock on line every day. A bit of an ambitious goal me thinks.) They fit young adults through adult size heads. I am experimenting with child sizes but it may be a while before I get those up there. And child sizes aren’t all THAT different from our adult heads. Who knows how old one is before their head is the size it will be for the rest of their life?

It’s a perfect day for knitting. . . too bad I won’t get to it until later this evening. (and then I’ll be taking pictures of felted hats to get on Etsy)

Tomorrow night at the 331 Club some friends of mine are playing at 7pm; the Ditch Lilies – an all girl honky tonk band. I have tap class from 7:30 to 9pm but will be at the club after that. See you there?

Happy Knitting!

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