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Another gray rainy day yesterday. Good for knitting inside but not so good for knitting outside. I often knit small projects while on my daily walk with Molly Brown at the dog park but yesterday was just a bit too wet and my stitches were sticking to the wet needles. So I read the latest Patternworks magazine. It led me to daydreaming about all of the projects I’d love to knit. There is a “ruffled collar pullover pattern” (p58) that is gorgeous. Some one from the Yarn Garage knit this and it was modeled at the Knit Out a few weeks ago. It really is gorgeous and doesn’t look too complicated.

Another project I have always wanted to tackle is knit rugs. . . don’t ask me why. The time investment would be outrageous but I keep coming back to wanting to knit rugs. There is a book by Donna Druchunas, “The Knitted Rug” advertised on pg 13 which started my fingers itching.

The item I’m actually going to purchase from this issue of the catalog is the Knitter’s Row Keeper Bracelet. Anyone ever use one? I’ve used lots of techniques to keep track of rows while knitting but nothing has ever truly satisfied me. (I know, I can’t always get what I want). The scrap paper with chicken scratches always disappear before I get to the other mitten, or the other sleeve. I think I’ll give this row keeper a try.

Off to count some knitting rows,

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  1. Andie says:

    Hi Shawn!

    In a Google search for “row keeper bracelet” I came upon your blog. I was searching for another source as I actually have eyed that SAME one for oh.. a year at Patternworks. I finally ordered it in September and it has been on backorder since then. I literally just got off the phone asking about when I can expect it and I won’t see that baby til middle of November based on the manufacturers delivery update to Patternworks. BUMMER! Since I bead I may just go find some nifty beads and satisfy my long-since unused beading skills and quelch my need for instant gratification and attempt a row keeper bracelet whilst I wait for mine to ship. I, too, have loads of row keeper gear and I thought that might be a nice understated and wearable row keeper. Handy for public knitting like when we go to Disneyland and I hate to have to reach down in my bag and click off or worse yet wear the bright green mini-Kacha around my neck.

    So if you order it… just know it will be another month or 6 weeks til you get it.

    Knit on!

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