New yarn! Lace weight, aran weight, and Linen!

I have new yarn, nah, nah, na-nah, nah! Sorry, don’t mean to gloat but this stuff is really beautiful and a gift!

A friend of mine, Lil, who owns At Loose Ends in Perham, Minnesota was in town for a three day workshop at the Textile Center and she stayed at my house. As a gift, she gave me a bag of yarn and this is what was in it.


This golden color linen. Don’t know what to do with it yet, but can’t wait to start swatching! I’m thinking a nice spring scarf/shawl? I think I’ll knit it in a nice open lace pattern.


And this lovely lace weight Malabrigo. Ooh I love these colors. I love knitting lace!! Just don’t know what to do with this either. It’s driving me crazy having this yarn wound and not knitting with it yet!

And last but not least!


Misti alpaca in this nice warm colorway. Lil told me it is enough yarn to knit the Clapotis shawl-scarf from Knitty that is so popular. Hmm. Don’t know yet what this will be either. My fingers are itching with anticipation. I’m wanting some leg warmers. . . I wear them all winter since the temperature in my studio is cool. . . maybe I’ll spoil myself and have alpaca leg warmers!

I have projects that are on deadline to finish and I have a sweater that is about 1/2 done that I swore I would finish before starting another project. . . but this yarn is calling my naaaaammmmmmee.

BTW, I added three more colors of hats to my etsy store

I’m off to work so that tomorrow I can knit!

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