Garter Stitch Borealis Wrap

I wanted something fun and easy and colorful to knit. I worked up this wrap using two strands of silk. I also did a few rows in Glace from Berrocco and then some novelty yarns that I had in my stash. Unfortunately the labels were lost long ago. The dark blue stripe(s) near the bottom were knit in a novelty yarn I bought in France in 1992. . . finally used up the last of it here.

I knit it from the top down using garter stitch.
The fronts are increased like EZ’s pi shawl and the back is increased along a center 10 stitches, similar to faroese shape.

This shawl definitely cured my itch.

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  1. Cher says:

    Those are definitely my favorite colors and it’s gorgeous, as is everything you make! See you tomorrow.

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