Where does the time go! and I need a name for my shawl!

After much consideration and reading lots of replies. . . I’ve decided it to call it. . .
Hannah’s Lace Shawl

It has already been a week since Yarnover, and Hop, Stitch, and Jump! I planned on blogging right away about the fabulous time I had and the new friends I made but I find that an entire week has lapsed.

I spend last Friday taking class with Cookie A. and Lucy Neatby. 3 Kittens Needle Arts and Steven Be’s collaborated on 2 days of great workshops and lots of fun evening events! I can’t thank them enough for a fun filled weekend.

But today’s message is really about needing a name for a new pattern I’ve written.

It is a lovely lace shawl, 10 stitch pattern repeats around. (read, easy to remember). And the bottom is scalloped with a 24 stitch repeat pattern. (also not too hard to get finger memory going on)

Here are photos of my niece, Hannah, modelling the three that I knit. I used 3 different fibers, the White one knit from a cone of weaver’s linen. . .the natural white one is knit in 3 ply super merino from Wool2dye4. . . and the blue one is Bamboo from South West Trading Company..

Send me a name suggestion and I’ll send you a free pdf of the pattern as soon as it is completed!

I’m really really going to blog more this week and show all my samples from the 18 (yes 18) hours of knitting classes I took last weekend.

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8 Responses to Where does the time go! and I need a name for my shawl!

  1. I loved it.
    She was very beautiful.
    Give a name for such a wonderful job is difficult.
    This time, it should even be named.
    But who knows blue triangles??


  2. debbie klement says:

    Croquembouche ! It’s a delicious, fanciful shawl that needs a delicious fanciful name. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croquembouche

  3. Iya says:

    Very beautiful shawls!
    I think that suits the name: «Bewitchment» and «Flight of fancy»
    But my husband said “Coquette”

  4. Janet says:

    I especially love the blue one!. I like the shape of the shawl too. It will stay on the shoulders well. I don’t know why but something with “embrace” comes to mind. Like embrace me or embraceable you (ewe?). Once that got stuck in my mind I couldn’t think of any other suggestions. I see why it’s hard to find a name! Good luck with the naming!

    • Shawn says:

      Janet – thanks for your imput!” Embraceable” – what a lovely thought. Embraceable Ewe is a good idea but two of the samples aren’t wool. I”m thinking that the name is going to be somehow whimsical and flirtatious. I like the blue one also. The bamboo gives it a nice drape. I”ll keep you posted. . . and send you a pdf of the pattern when I get it done.

  5. Linda Rice says:

    Beautiful shawl pattern! I’m thinking ‘Diamonds and Purls’ (even though it’s probably garter stitch) or ‘Hearts and Diamonds’ as it almost looks like a heart motif at the bottom of the natural white version.

    • Shawn says:

      Diamonds and purls sounds fun! Maybe it could be Diamonds and Pearls, because after all as you guessed, it is done in garter stitch. Thank you for your suggestion. . . I’ll send you the pattern when its done!

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