Beaded hand knit socks

I had fun this summer knitting with beads. I forgot I knit these fun socks until it got cold enough to wear them. What a treat to find hand knit socks ready-to-wear in this cool weather.


The pink ones are knit in Liisu Yarn. This sock yarn is left over from my Fingerless Glove pattern. In the Glam Glove pattern I describe three ways to add beads to knitting. If you have a favorite plain sock pattern, try adding a beaded anklet! Even my sturdy peasant ankles, (great for support while dancing but not as skinny as current design deems attractive) look great adorned by beaded anklets.


The blue socks are knit in Cherry Tree Hill yarn left over from the swing jacket that I knit.

I bought the beads for these socks at a great bead store in St. Paul, Storm Cloud Bead Company, located on Snelling at Minnehaha Avenue. Really fun place to go! I took about a yard of yarn with me to the store and shopped around until I found beads that fit the yarn and in the color I wanted.

I also found that I didn’t want to keep moving a bunch of beads down the yarn while knitting the cuff and sock leg so I knit to where I wanted the beads, cut the yarn, strung the beads, and then continued knitting. The ankle bracelet on the blue socks is not as wide as the one on the pink sock. But I think they both look great!

Happy knitting,


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