Twined knit neck cuffs

I’ve been having so much fun with twined knitting! A Swedish tradition often used for mittens, socks, hats and the sleeves of leather jackets/coats.

These neck cuffs knit up so fast and were so fun! I used two 100% wool yarns; one black and one variegated.

I think I did these on a U.S. size 9 or 10 circular needle. Cast on about 90 stitches or so (something to give me 20 – 22 inches around). Then began knitting 1 stitch black, 1 stitch variegated. This work is sort of like Fair Isle because you are always carrying one of the yarns but there is one big diference – how you carry the yarn. On the first row when switching yarns every stitch, I carried the new yarn on top. On the 2nd row I carried the yarns under.

For the Reddish most blurry neck muffler/cuff, I knit every other stitch in different color, always wrapping one way on one row and one way on the other row. One side looks like stripes and the other side looks like a bunch of braids piled on top of each other.

For the Blue/purple/black one I moved the stitches over to create a chevron look instead of stripes. Really the possibilities are endless. I have found working with one solid and one variegated yarn creates the most dynamic piece. It is fun to watch the colors in the variegated yarns develop into a pattern.

(pardon the quality of the photos. I sold the items before I looked at these photos and now I find they are all blurry).

Neck warmer

Twined knit, 100% wool neck warmer

Neck warmer

Hand knit, twined knitting, inside or is it the outside, neck cuff

Neck Warmer

twined knit neck warmer

Neck Warmer

twined knit neck warmer - is it the inside or the outside?

Twined Knitting is often done with one ball of yarn, using two strands, one pulling from the outside and one from the inside. I knit a pair of mittens this way and found that untwisting the balls in this way is meditative. And a break from knitting to rest my wrists and elbows.
I knit these mitts in black and added beads.

When I used two balls (two different colors) the yarn also gets twisted but if I alternate the direction of the twist on every row (one row carrying over, the next row carrying under) the yarn untwists itself.

There is a great tutorial on twined knitting here.

here is a video on twined knitting.

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