Free hand knit scarf pattern using my new technique!

I really don’t know what to call this yet. . . is it a pattern? Probably. This fun scarf was my first attempt at my new way to knit stockinette. Really! Knit a row, purl a row. The trick is to knit on circular needles because you will be slipping the stitches back and forth. It’s much easier to do than to write about. . .try it, you’ll like it!

Both sides of the fabric are the same and no rolling edges!

Scarf knit in Corntastic yarn from collage

Scarf knit in Corntastic yarn from collage

Maybe I should call this my corn row technique because I first tried it on this scarf knit in Corntastic from Kollage – 100% corn fiber! It is really soft and has a beautiful drape! It knits a bit like linen in that it doesn’t have much stretch and it did tend to split if I wasn’t careful.

Here is the free pattern for this scarf: You can knit this in any 2 colors of yarn and get a great result. I’m finding that high contrast colors show off the pattern best.

Corntastic from Kollage 105 yards/50 grams

1 skein each of Amethyist and Citrine

Size 5 circular needle – (can be any length)

Scarf size:40″ long x 5″ wide

Cast on 30 stitches.

For the braided look on the edge I did this (but you don’t have to of course) (An even number of stitches is requried.)  Row 1 *Knit 1 A, knit 1 B*  repeat from *

Row 2 Knit 1 with B, *pick up A under B and knit 1 with A, pick up B under A and knit 1 with A* repeat from *

Row 3 *Pick up B over A and knit 1 B, pick up A over B and knit one A* repeat across.

The yarn will be twisting around itself but I think untangling it is well worth the beautiful edge it creates. I first learned this technique from Anna Zilboorg in her book Magnificent Mittens.

Now for the main part of the pattern:

Pick up A and bring it over B (always do this when starting with A)

Row 1 Knit across with A. Slide stitches to the other end of the needle. (do not turn work around as usual)

Row 2 Purl across with B. (now you can turn to the other side)

Repeat these two rows. That’s it. Really. Work these two rows to desired length, then work rows 1 to 3 of the braid and bind off.

If you want to change which one is “in the valley” as I think of it, or “on top of the row” switch colors. You can see the difference in the closeup below: The scarf on top has Citrine as A (it seems more on top) and Amethyst is B. For the part of the scarf that is shown underneath, I switched A and B – so now A is the amethyst and Citrine is B (or in the valley). The stitches will be closer together (and on top) for color  A. The B color stitches are lower, or in the valley. I hope you have as much fun knitting in this way as I do. And be sure to catch my fingerless gloves class at Shepherd’s Harvest, May 8th.

hand knit scarf - free pattern

Corn row Scarf Close up

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