Lace Leg warmer pattern

I’ve finally finished the leg warmers! I actually finished writing the pattern too. I posted it as a separate page. . .

I have included pictures of them lying flat in the grass. . . on a pair of smaller legs. . . and on my bigger legs. (17″ around at the calf) The pattern is written in only one size but from the pictures you can see they will fit different sizes. And I have included in the pattern a few ways to change the size if you want to.

1legwarmersflat.jpg Here they are lying flat

1legwarmersideview.jpg Side view showing increase and shaping

1legwarmeroneleg.jpgOn the smaller leg. . . isn’t it a beautiful leg!

1legwarmersstanding1.jpgAnother view of the smaller legs.

1legwarmersgside.jpg Okay, here are my larger legs

1legwarmersgfront.jpgfront view of my legs in side the leg warmers.

The Plymouth yarn was really nice to knit. It is soft and warm and has good memory so the leg warmers will contract back to size when not on a leg.

Happy Knitting,


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