New sock idea

Well, I tried the knit/purl leaf pattern for my new pair of socks and it didn’t work. I thought the design might get lost in the variegation of the yarn and it did. So, I have worked up another great scheme.

It is a 2/3 rib using a slip cable. I don’t know if there is any other socks out there like this, but I think it will be fun. Especially since I learned to purl while picking, it will take no time at all to knit these up. Good thing I am traveling over the Thanxgiving weekend. . . lots of car time for knitting socks!! WOOHOO. I love traveling when I don’t have to drive. And we may get stuck in a snow storm so it will take even longer to arrive in Chicago! Who but a knitter looks for reasons to take longer to get some place?

I just joined a couple new groups in Ravelry. One of them is Musical Knitters. I thought I better introduce the musical part of my personality. I play Old TIme Appalachian fiddle music. I play for fun with friends, for square dances and once in a while in concert. I am a member of an all girl band, Lulu Gals. I also am a square dance caller. Dang I lead a good life!

Well, time to get to work and dreaming about knitting!

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