Non knitting post about candle making

My lovely sister is getting married in May and having her wedding party on their land in Wisconsin – a beautiful wooded 40 acres with an exquisite lou:)

Anyway, because there is no electricity we are hanging candles from trees to light up the night. We spent yesterday evening melting old candles and pouring them into jars with wicks. . . then wire handles were wound around the jars. . . and then opened hangers will be hung over tree boughs and the jars hung from those. . . safe and beautiful and well lit.

Here are photos of our efforts – we made 51 candles!!

Congratulations V & D!
Can’t wait for the wedding party!!

Striped Socks

I finished these socks in 3 days!!
I’m celebrating a friend’s birthday tonight (Friday)  and on Tuesday I thought how lovely it would be to give him a pair of hand knit socks. . . so here they are. . . on my old feet.

Gary's socks

I used Harrisville Designs Highland yarn on size 3 needles. They are a sturdy pair of socks!

I love the variety of colors available by Harrisville Designs!

sock heelsEven striped through the heels!

Another head in the Treetops Cap

01ellenintreetopsI knit this hat for Ellen but it is so soft and lovely that I’ll be wearing it when she isn’t!

I knit this in LOFT – a 100% American wool – Grown in Wyoming, spun in New England – this wool is very fun to knit.

I used size US 2 and 3 knitting needles and knit this hat in the round. Here is a link to my pattern.

Top of cap

Top of cap

Knitting enthusiasm still strong

It has been ages since I’ve blogged. . . okay, only about 18 months. ..but that is ages in “online” time.
I’ve been busy knitting – – – AND – – – learning how to play Cajun accordion. Learning to play the accordion is cutting into my knitting time, but I’m sure I’m building new neuropathways in my brain. The in and out of the bellows while at the same time playing a tune on the buttons is a lot like rubbing your tummy and patting the top of your head. It is also reawakening my knitting creativity! (I’ve started a new shawl that I will tell you about soon)
Recently a friend sent me a link to an article about a knitting group started in prison. An inspiring read. Here is the link:
Reading this made me want to knit with friends again. . .
Happy knitting!

A great cast on when starting at the top

I love to knit mittens and hats from the top down! Starting at the top provides me the opportunity to keep trying it on as I go. . . and my projects always turn out the right length.

Here is a video of a really nice cast on that I have started using to get a sweet flower at the top of my hats and mittens.

I used this method for this hat –

I’m a big fan of fulling and felting too. These mitts are knit using two strands of Galway wool and US 17 circular needles, then fulled to fit.

I’m working on a pattern that explains how I knit mittens from the top down. . it will include directions for this fulled mitten, which by the way is super warm and great to wear in MN winters while waiting for the bus! This could also be used as an oven mitt.

Earflap hat with Twined Knitting

A while back a friend mentioned she wanted a classy, black, earflap hat to wear with her “good” coat. She showed my the ecru 1940s art deco style silk scarf that she wears with this coat. A lovely design is woven into the scarf and I decided to try to match it on the brim of the hat. I wanted something that would be warm and with a nice firm brim and earflaps.

Result – twined knitting – with raised stitches.


I fell in love with twined knitting about a year ago, and my family chipped in and bought me Twined Knitting, A Swedish Folkcraft Technique by Birgitta Dandanell & Ulla Danielsson. (an out of print 96$ purchase!!).

So I read the book and figured out how to make raised stitch designs and the black hat pictured here was the result. I don’t remember what yarn I used for that hat.

After knitting several hats I’ve decided a nice spungey, springy yarn, with lots of body works best when knit on a smaller size needle than recommended on the label.


I’m happy to knit you one in the color of your choice! 50 colors to choose from in Harrisiville Shetland! Shoot me a comment for more details.

I am writing the pattern using the wavy raised stitch design for publication seen on the other hats pictured here.

Pattern coming soon!

Wow I did it!

Okay, I got all the posts form my other blog to upload to this one! And the posts even went to my blog page! Amazing.

Now I just need to figure out how to let those folks who were reading my other blog to come to this one.

Isn’t it great that every day there is something new to learn!

Starting Anew

I’ve been staring at my computer screen for what feels like days – trying to set up a new website. This is all quite fun – but I don’t know what to do with my old blog. . . the one with all my projects since 2007

I certainly am learning a lot about web sites and such but not getting any knitting done! 🙁


Recognition at Patternfish!

Editor’s Choice!

This January the editor of Patternfish newsletter became intrigued with a new technique I’m developing – a new way of putting knit and purl rows together. I’ve written three patterns using this technique and she featured them in the newsletter.

Take a look! (Scroll down the newsletter a bit to find me)

Gayle found my knitted brass piece on my blog and included that in the bottom of the newsletter too.

I love days like this!


The most current pattern I’ve written using this technique is called Anna Dorothy – in honor of my maternal grandmother.

I adored my Grandma, Dorothy, and after she died we found her birth certificate: she was christened Anna Dorothy. Knowing this makes me miss her more.

This shawl is for you Grandma!