How to do stuff videos

I’m putting up videos showing how to do certain techniques in knitting. On the list are three versions of long tail cast on! They’re in the editing room right now.

Here is one I did a while ago about making tassels. It is a bit long but shows every step one takes to get a 9″ tassel. And of course, by varying the length of the yarn and the distance from the top to where you wrap the yarn – you can get any length tassel you want!

Here is the Tassel making video 

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  1. Judy says:

    I have been looking for examples of felting and there are no links to any I can find. What are we supposed to click on?

    • Shawn says:

      Hi Judy, You can find samples of needlefelting under “My blog categories”. Use the drop down arrow and choose needlefelting – or type in needlefelting. You will see a list of entries made that have photos of needlefelted items. Click on one of the titles to see the entry. After reading the entry, click the “back” button to get back to the list again – and click on another title. I hope this helps.

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