Love is the Law Cap

In 2013 Minnesotans voted against the ban for same-sex marriage. Then, Minnesota was the first state in which the citizens voted to give same-sex couples the right to marry. . . the campaign was called “Love is the Law” Then the US Supreme court ruled marriage is a right for … Continue reading

It’s a race! Cold weather vs. finished pullover.

I love the local library! I found a gem of a book titled,”Latvian Dreams, Knitting from Weaving Patterns” by Joyce Williams. It was full of charts with geometric designs. The sweater patterns in the book were fashioned after the gansey, very little shaping, with the focus on the two color … Continue reading

New!! Knit cap becomes dish warmer!

This picture is a bit old. . . it was taken Thanksgiving 2010. We cooked greens for our family get together and needed a way to keep them warm on the car ride to my brother’s house. Aha! Grab that old cap I knit about 10 years ago. It worked … Continue reading

Fun with Fair Isle Color Knitting

I have a great collection of mitten and sock pattern books that I love to page through and look at the designs. Sometimes I crave a small knitting project in color work but I don’t want to spend the time it takes to knit a pair of mittens or socks. … Continue reading

Look what I found in my closet!

I was rooting around in my yarn boxes the other day and found this sweater that I knit TEN years ago! The poor thing needed one sleeve sewn in and the collar knit. Lucikly there was a partial skein of each of the yarns left in the box with the … Continue reading

Another pair of noteworthy mitts (fingerless that is)

A lovely guitar playing friend of mine ordered a pair of my mitts. . . I’ve made quite a few pair of these and always in wool. However, my friend is allergic to wool. So I just jumped in and decided to knit them in cotton. I knit these fingerless … Continue reading

Sean in his Vest

I knit this vest for my father-in-law and love how it turned out. I knit it in Peace Fleece, the background color is called Father’s Grey. I’m still in the process of editing the pattern but hopefully it will available for sale soon. He seems as pleased with it as … Continue reading

Peace Fleece Vest for Sean

Oooh I love how this vest turned out. I orderd some Peace Fleece this fall (the grey background is called “Father’s Gray”) with the intentions of making a vest for my father-inlaw. I wanted something a bit sophisticated but also a color pattern. I am very pleased with my results!! … Continue reading

Fingerless Mitt knitting pattern for Musicians!

I often play the fiddle in colder conditions than I would like and have been craving an “appropriate” pair of fingerless mitts. Now I have three to choose from! I am really excited about this pattern! Notice how the foreground/background colors change from one mitt to the next? One has … Continue reading