Garter Stitch Borealis Wrap

I wanted something fun and easy and colorful to knit. I worked up this wrap using two strands of silk. I also did a few rows in Glace from Berrocco and then some novelty yarns that I had in my stash. Unfortunately the labels were lost long ago. The dark … Continue reading

Freeform Knit Vest

Well, I’ve finally finished this vest. . . it was meant to be a jacket but I didn’t like how the sleeves looked on it. But it is really comfortable and fun as a vest. The base yarn for this vest is knit in garter stitch swatches in yarn I … Continue reading

Freeform knit and crochet fans

I’ve started to destash my fancy yarns and am selling it on Ebay Check it out!! There is a total of 390 yards of 39 different colors of yarns in 10 yard increments. Yarns included are silk/mohair/cotton/wool/ribbon. Save money and get some fun yarn to play with. Right now all … Continue reading

Oh my achin’ thumb!

I haven’t been able to hand knit or crochet for almost a month. I am about to lose my mind. It’s amazing how clean my house has become since knitting hasn’t been distracting me. I was part of Ravelympics on Ravelry and thought I could finish a freeform knit/crochet sweater … Continue reading

Red wing freeform blanket

What does one do with a sweater that you just don’t have enough yarn for!?!? About 10 years ago someone gave me a half knit sweater. . . which I frogged and then reknit into a raglan cardigan. . . however, I was about 2 inches short of one sleeve … Continue reading